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Born in 1974 Reykjavik, Iceland



2007-2009: MFA, Konsfack, University College of Fine Art, Craft and Design. Stockholm

2001-2004: BA in Fine Arts, Iceland Academy of the Arts.

Solo- and joint exhibitions:

2023: Asmundarsalur Reykjavik: REFLECT/ENDURKAST, solo exhibition

2022: Listval Gallery in Harpa Reykjvaík, joint exhibition

2018: Grafiksalurinn, Reykjavik: ENDURTEKNING, joint exhibition,

2016: Gallery SÍM, Reykjavik: NÆRVERA, Solo exhibition,

2015: INFINITE: Solo exhibition in the Art Gallery Mosfellsbaer 

2012: Studio44, Stockholm: Art in the Green Box II: Repetition

2011: Skeppsta Grufva: “Art in the Green Box”: Landmärke

2011: Galtarviti Lighthouse: “Echos of the North”: Images of Time II: Velvet on a Tree

2011: Formverk, Eskilstuna

2010: Studio44, Stockholm: “Images of Time I-IV”

2010: The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service. A radio broadcasting of the sound piece: Heiða Kjartan Andri Tóta Sigríður

2010: Gnesta Konsthall: 'NOTHING-EVERYTHING'

2009: Södertörns University: 'Untitled', Solo exhibition

2005: Reykjavik Cultural night: 38 Threp. 'Untitled', Solo exhibition

2009: Konstfack's Spring Exhibition, graduation MFA, Images of Time I-IV

2008: National Museum, Stockholm: To Use Lautrec, 'Untitled', joint exhibition

2006: Aalborg Cultural Night, Denmark.

2005: The Reykjavik Municipal Art Museum, Kjarvalsstadir, Iceland.

2005: Gallery SIM, Iceland

2003: Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum, Iceland.

2003: The Nordic House, Iceland.

Grants and Nominations

2004: Erasmus grant

2009: TALENT2009, Eindhoven, Holland.

2005: Siminn, a phone company. A competition held by the company for the cover picture of the phone book for the year 2005. My proposal was selected as one of the top ten proposals and became a part of an exhibition held in three different locations, Laugavegur shopping street, Kringlan and Smaralind shopping malls in Reykjavik City.

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